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Sidewave - Glass Giant 180g vinyl


Limited Edition release of Sidewave's “Glass Giant” on 180g vinyl.

Your Order Purchase Includes:

• Limited Edition 180g vinyl “Glass Giant”.
• Digital download of the complete “Glass Giant” Album (12 tracks).
• Digital download of the “Glass Giant B-sides” Album (10 tracks).

Reviews :
“Sidewave fuses lush, heavy chords, soothing melodies, and commanding grooves to create their signature space-rock sound. Influenced by the unsung greats of the nineties like Hum, Failure, and The Smashing Pumpkins, Sidewave’s debut album sounds at once nostalgic, yet completely fresh – conjuring an airy, lusty, almost orchestral crystalline wave.”
“Sidewave towers above the musical landscape, with cliffs of heavy guitars, swirling with anthemic vocals. ”
— Blog Floorsheim Zipper Boots
“… waves of guitars…contrast well with a driving rhythm section that keeps your feet grounded in the groove while your head floats away”
— Niji Magazine
“Sidewave are the real deal, with something to show and tell everybody.”
— Audio Eclectica