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Deaf Radio - Alarm (limited digipak) FREE SHIPPING


Limited digipak CD edition of the acclaimed debut-album by stoner heroes Deaf Radio.

Straight from Athens (Greece), Deaf Radio just lends a missile on the desert rock scene. ‘Alarm‘, their first album, melts perfectly a raw rock music, with some desert rock influences, some smooth moments and a lot of catchy riffs/rhythms. It results in one of the most enjoyable albums of this new year.

1. Aggravation 03:25
2. Backseats 05:06
3. Vultures & Killers 04:11
4. Anytime 05:03
5. Flowerhead 04:32
6. Revolving Doors 04:32
7. Trapped 03:01
8. Oceanic Feeling 04:23
9. ...And We Just Pressed The Alarm Button 06:05