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Who we are

Left Front Door Record releases albums from underground rock n’roll acts with a focus on alternative and stoner rock bands.

On Nov. 13th 2015, Arthur D. was at le Bataclan watching the Eagles Of Death Metal , he managed to crawl out of the venue and escaped unhurt but with an incredible sadness. In the dark days that followed, rock n'roll was a reliable and constant companion and so he decided he wanted to give something back to music, we must not forget live music was also a target that night.

As he received an unexpected indemnity from the french state, he realized that he could kill two birds with one stone using that money : nurture his love of rock and raise his middle finger to those who attack music. The idea is simple : Left Front Door Records is a small music label focusing solely on helping bands release their music on physical supports, mainly to sell them at their merch stand, be it LPs, singles, live recordings on vinyl or CDs in small run. Basically it's a loan with no interest, and with added promo.